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You have found a service that could  paint your war figures!
Commission Page
Warmachine - Cryx -
Bloat Thrall solo figure.

Bloat Tharall
Take a few minutes everyday to read the comics.
Comics Page
You rarely see the need to get more than one.
Reaper 28mm Orc Champion
Models from Skytrex, Africa Corps, suitable for FOW.
15mm Afrika Corps Platoon
Highly detailed, plastic figures for play.Sculpting is very good.
Memoir'44 Plastic Figures
This technique can be useful for  worn paint schemes.
Toothpaste Winter Wash
Photo manipulation can be done for free with many programs.
Easy Way To Fix Photos
Trees give your board a sense of place.
Scouring Pad Tree
They have been designed for sci-fi or PULP game.
Moonfleet 28mm scientists
Artizan 28mm WWII U.S. Paratroopers
15mm Infantry Company
The 9th Infantry saw its first combat in the North African.
American Forces
Grenadiers are the mainstay of the victoriousGerman army.
Grenadier Platoon
Pig Tickling is a sport for gentlemen.
Pig Tickler Figures
15mm German Winter
Skytrex produced some fantastic figures.
15mm FOW PzIII
Destroyed Panzer III L
and medic soldiers.
Artizan  U.S. Airborne
Wear the earlier cut of the American Airborne uniform.
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