First, you have to create new document (350x19) line
that is a usual size for a userbar
You should end up with this
Choose your render from
   Once you have found good one drag and drop into
your 350x19 document
to resize your  render pres CTRL+T
and scale it to your desired size
Using the eye dropper tool select 2 colors from renders.
Now take your gradient tool and fill your bottom layer
whit the 2 colors you chose.Drag from the left to the right with
your gradient tool.
Now create new layer on top and
go to EDIT>FILL LAYER....change foreground color to
pattern and find the pattern from this tutorial in the drop down menu.
Drop the opacity with the pattern on it about 40%
On the new layer,drag the tool froom the top left corner to the bottom
right corner.Fill this eliptical selection with white and slide it up until
half it is showing.Drop the opacity of ellipse about 40% too.
Time for text.Take your text toll and set it to your favourite pixel font.
Iím using Visitor TT2 BRK font.You can get it here.Write your text
then go to your blending options and give it a 1px black stroke.
..and finally, create new layer pres CTRL + A (select all) and go to EDIT>STROKE.
Set it to these settings:
Here are some examples:

| How To Make User Bar
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How To Make User Bar
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