Tools: GW acrylic white paint,
Enamel green paint,
black primer spray,
toothpaste,old toothbrush
The tank T34 was undercoated with Citadel Colour Black Primer spray.
Paint the entire tank with a base green coat using enamel paints. It is important that the paint is enamel rather than acrylic because this coat needs to be resistant to the toothpaste.
Paint the entire tank in acrylic flat white, I used GW white in this case.  Let the acrylic coat dry to the touch, about 15 minutes.

Put the tank in  hot water and make sure it is thoroughly wet.
Now apply some toothpaste to the model. Put a little here and there,
but not too much, quantity is the trick.Leave the toothpaste on the
tank for 60 seconds then rinse it off with old toothbrush.

Now your little tank is ready for weathering as you normally would do, mud, dust, rust, etc.

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