Have you been looking for a simple and easy way to fix photos ?
Photo manipulation can be done for free with many programs.
This guide will use Picasa2 from Google.
To start editing the picture, double click it.
Every time you open Picasa2, it automatically locates all your pictures.
This is one heavy pic 1,1MB
Picasa's Basic Fixes are buttons that make it fast and easy to crop
Crop the image. Press the Crop button. Drag a frame around the pics and press Apply.
Improve picture quality. Press the I'm Feeling Lucky button.
There are also many other options available under the Tuning and Effects tabs.
Press the Export button you can choose to resize the manipulated image.
Fill it like I did and export picture to  your popular  folder.
Finish.Well, that's it.Very handy for us technophobes :)
JPEG 320 x 220
18 K
7 Sec @ 28.8 Kbps

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| Easy Way To Fix Photos
Easy Way To Fix Photos

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