Tools and materials

- filler
- bamboo barbeque stick
- screw
- metal coins
- scouring pad
- black primer spray
- superglue
- scissors
Draw the outline of the coins shape
on your scouring pad.
Cut out the pieces with scissors.
Drill holes into  scouring pad pieces together with bamboo barbeque stick.
Transfer pieces to screw  and add a little superglue on top and bottom of tree foliages.
Shape the tree foliages whit your scissors.
Basing your tree makes the tree a lot stronger!!!
Glue tree on metal coin.
Aplly filler into the base and into the trunk.
Once the filler is dry,we are ready for the next step.
The Tree was undercoated with Citadel Colour Black Primer spray.
Painting trees is almost exactly the same as painting miniatures.
Finding inspiration for your Tree or Forest pieces is easy!!!

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Scouring Pad Tree
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